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Sapa Su Company

Production of reinforced-concrete non-pressure spigot pipes


Sapa Su Company

The leader in Kazakhstan in the production of reinforced-concrete non-pressure spigot pipes.

In 2015, the first plant in Kazakhstan for the production of reinforced-concrete non-pressure spigot pipes of Sapa Su LLP was opened as part of the State Programme of Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Sapa Su produces all types of reinforced-concrete products using high-tech German equipment; these products are designed for civil engineering, road construction, sewage, sanitation, electric power supply, telecommunications, discharge treatment, and rainwater disposal. 

Our Products


Reinforced concrete non-pressure pipes with spigot/seam connection system are designed for laying underground non-pressure pipelines transporting household and industrial wastes, storm and discharge wastewater.



Heavyweight concrete of grade B30 (M450) is used to produce culverts. At the same time, the concrete grade specified by GOST is at least B25 (M350). An additional increase in strength is provided by vibration pressing during casting (it reduces the number of pores and possible destruction concentrators).



Wastewater can flow to the treatment facilities through a pipeline or through a gravity sewer. Wastewater flows through the waste sluice into the receiving wells of the discharge pipes. Uniform distribution of water and precipitation in individual structures can be achieved with the help of the so-called distribution chambers.



A plate under a non-pressure pipe is the own idea of Sapa Su LLP, which is used in water-bearing grounds as a foundation backerboard and laid underneath a body of the non-pressure pipe. It is manufactured of heavy concrete В30(М400), water-proofness W6, frost resistance F300, seismic resistance 9 points.



Headwalls are designed for the arrangement of culvert heads from reinforced concrete pipes. The headwall block is a solid, large, multi-ton product that prevents the collapse of the soil to the outlet of the pipeline. It is made of heavyweight concrete; in terms of compressive strength, the concrete grade is B20 (M 300). Frost resistance is F300; water resistance is W6.



It is intended for the construction of reinforced-concrete culverts using segments of round pipes with diameters of 1,000, 1,250, and 1,500 mm. Curve concrete block is made of heavyweight concrete; in terms of compressive strength, the concrete grade is В20 (М300). Frost resistance is F300; water resistance is W6.



Wing walls are the elements of concrete pipe headwalls and are designed for the arrangement of culverts made of reinforced-concrete pipes with the diameter from 1,000 mm to 1,500 mm. Wing walls are produced from heavyweight concrete; in terms of compressive strength, the concrete grade is В20 (М300). Frost resistance is F300; water resistance is W6.



Telescopic trays B-6 are used for the arrangement of prefabricated drainage structures on highways. Telescopic trays are designed for drainage from road and bridge structures, as well as for drainage of storm water in road and civil construction. The trays are produced from heavyweight concrete; in terms of compressive strength, the concrete grade is В20 (М300). Frost resistance is F300; water resistance is W6.


12 Advantages of Using Reinforced-Concrete Pipes:

  • High compressive strength and crack resistance. Resistant to bending and not subject to deformation.
  • Corrosion resistance,as well as resistance to chemical and biological environments. Products made of reinforced concrete are resistant to chemical and transported aggressive fluids and media of their location.
  • Heat resistance and fire safety. The products can be used in the range from -40°C to + 50°C. High resistance to expansion in case of freezing of the transported liquid. Resistance to open fire.
  • Environmental friendliness. Products are made from natural materials and are recyclable.
  • Efficiency. Pipes are made from affordable domestic raw materials (independent of imports). Long service life eliminates the fixed costs of the reconstruction and repair of pipelines.
  • Resistance to groundwater changes. The pipes do not change their position under the influence of groundwater due to the significant weight.
  • Static dimensional stability. The ability to maintain the position parameters after disturbing forces stop their action towards changing these parameters.
  • High water carrying capacity. (Manning roughness coefficient is 0.011) The inlet section is not flooded and the flow has a free surface throughout the pipe.
  • Tightness and water resistance. Tightness at the installation of the pipeline is achieved by sealing rings and greasing.
  • Resistance to abrasion. High ability to withstand mechanical friction damage.
  • Resistant to high-pressure cleaning. The pipes withstand the pressure up to 300 bar when washing.
  • Durability. The service life is from 50 years and more.



Installation of spigot pipes with O-ring


Visual demonstration of product strength



The production principles of our company are based on the manufacture of quality products, on German high-tech equipment, and the shortest possible time of production at competitive prices. We work by expanding the market and maintaining a firm position in the development and implementation of high-tech production in order to provide a large number of construction industry entities with inexpensive and high-quality products of the widest range. One of the priorities of the Company is the safeguarding the interests of customers, partnerships based on mutual trust.

Kazakhstan Content

Sapa Su LLP annually receives a certificate of Kazakhstan content for its products. The certificate allows Buyers to compete in tenders.

High Product Standards

High standards of production, quality, and safety are the basis for the success of Sapa Su LLP. The company produces innovative products to improve people's quality of life. The production complex of the company is one of the most modern and high-tech enterprises in Kazakhstan. The company is built and operates in full compliance with modern international standards ISO 9001-2016.

Focus on Results

  1. 1. Our company is focused on the result. The ability to achieve the desired (planned) goals, energy, commitment to success and openness to the new in achieving the objectives, makes an effective impact on the development of the company as a whole.
  2. 2. The company focuses on customer satisfaction. When working with clients, our company is responsible for the quality and timely delivery of its products.
  3. 3. The company sets the following goals: product quality, reasonable price, expansion of product range, development of the company’s management and marketing.


* All equipment is made on German plants. Our main foreign partners are leading German companies such as LIEBHERR GmbH, Probst GmbH, Apilion GmbH, TOP WERK GROUP, CORDES GmbH, Dichtungstechnik GmbH (DS).



If you have any questions regarding the activities of our company or manufactured products, please contact us in any way convenient for you.

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