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Sapa Su Company

No. 1 plant for the production of reinforced concrete non-pressure spigot pipes in Kazakhstan

About Us

In 2015, the first plant in Kazakhstan for the production of reinforced-concrete non-pressure spigot pipes of Sapa Su LLP was opened as part of the State Programme of Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Sapa Su produces all types of reinforced-concrete products using high-tech German equipment; these products are designed for civil engineering, road construction, sewage, sanitation, electric power supply, telecommunications, discharge treatment, and rainwater disposal.
Reinforced concrete products are made of the dry concrete mix using vibrocompression technology, which allows the products to have high technical characteristics, namely the increased service life. The average service life of reinforced concrete products used as non-pressure pipes is about 100 years.  

Our Products

SAPA SU LLP‘s products are produced according to GOST 6482-2011 and meet all requirements for production. 
The bearing capacity of the reinforced concrete pipe is in Class 5 of load (with laying depth up to 10 m)
The main advantages of reinforced concrete structures include the following features:
•  low susceptibility to corrosion processes
•  compressive strength В 30 (М400)
•  water resistance (W6)
•  tensile strength;
•  resistance to low temperatures (frost resistance) (F 300)
•  resistance to chemical and biological media;
•  high strength and durability of the product;
•  crack resistance
•  affordable cost

Our Projects

Our spigot pipes were used in the following strategic facilities:
•  Utility networks of EXPO-2017 Exhibition Centre
•  Utility networks on Kabanbay Batyr Avenue, Astana
•  Facilities for regulating the level of the Maliy Taldykol lake. Development of stormwater sewer system in Astana.
•  Relocation of the stormwater sewer system for light rail transport construction project and other projects.

Quality Control

The company has its own production testing laboratory, where technical experts take inert material samples, examine the quality of finished products for compliance with standards, and monitor the indicators of physical, mechanical and physical and chemical properties.

  • Land plot area: 5 ha,
  • Production workshops: 5,000 sq.m,
  • Administration and living complex: 1,500 sq.m
  • Precast concrete capacity: up to 300 cubic m per day,
  • Mixed concrete capacity: up to 100 cubic m per hour,
  • Reinforced concrete product capacity: up to 300 to 400 products per day,
  • Own production testing laboratory,
  • Production processes are fully automated.

In the Media

Interview for Atameken Channel

Grateful Clients


Bauyrzhan Assylkhanovich Mambetzhanov


  • Educational Background: Higher education, Construction Institute of S.Seifullin Almola University
  • Qualification: Civil Engineer
  • • Work experience for the last 3 (three) years:

    June 2010 – October 2016: Director of NurayStroy Company LLP  

    October 2017 to present day: Director of SAPA SU LLP

Tair Kurbanzhanovich Muraliyev

Deputy Director for Commercial Affairs  

  • Educational Background: Higher education, Kazakh State Law Institute
  • Qualification: Lawyer
  • Work experience for the last 3 (three) years:

    June 2010 – May 2013: Head of Legal Department, NurayStroy Company LLP

    March 2013 – February 2014: Director of SAPA SU LLP

    February 2014 – March 2016: Executive Director of SAPA SU LLP

    March 2016 to present day: Deputy Director for Commercial Affairs of SAPA SU LLP

Saken Baurzhanovich Madyarov

Deputy Operational Director

  • Educational Background: Higher education, Karaganda State Technical University
  • Qualification:  Mining Engineer-Electrical Engineer
  • Work experience for the last 3 (three) years:

    April 2012 – September 2012: Chief Engineer of Angrensor LLP

    September 2012 – July 2016: Chief Engineer of Angrensor Energo LLP

    November 2016 to present day: Deputy Operational Director of SAPA SU LLP


  • Adress

    Sapa Su Company

    4340 Site, 016 Block Kosshy village, Astana Republic of Kazakhstan

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